SUSHI NIGHT – woot woot!

Haha. “woot woot”. I know, I know- you don’t even have to say it— maybe I was channeling Mandi 😉

But Jeff and I got to go eat some interesting sushi tonight — so a “woot woot” is definitely in accordance. I had a couple vouchers that were expiring today and so they had to be used. The plan was to use one at lunch with Amy and then the other tonight, but work was kinda lame today, and I was so slammed that I had to cancel on Amy only an hour or so before lunch (so now I just owe her one… something to look forward to next week indeed). After I cancelled with Amy, I tried to give one of the vouchers away and told Tina and Lori to go have a lunch on me… but that didn’t work on either. I was worried that the sushi place wouldn’t let me use both vouchers tonight (even if we did split the ticket). HOWEVER- they did! Our waitor was awesome. He was so nice…. and a bit quirky, which was great and amusing no less. He let us use both vouchers and didn’t even make us split the ticket. He was said “yeah you should use both of those! they are no good after today” and then when we ordered, he came back and told use that we needed to order one more thing because we were at 55 and our voucher (put together) was for 60. Jeff and I both heard $59… so we thought that was kinda funny that he seemed so concerned that we might lose a dollar- sweet. So I got a coke (I didn’t realize till later he said 55– oh well). So being that it was only Jeff and I we were able to get all specialty rolls! what?!! We were joking about how we usually try to stay under $15 with sushi… like get one special roll and edamame or a small roll…. and ALWAYS with water. But it was so neat being able to have all these specialty choices- what a treat!

It worked out so well. So we forgot to take pics at first…. but this is one of the rolls that came out last….

Check out the octopus tentacles for its "eyes"!

I just barely caught the dragon by its tail! 😉

“SuperDragon Roll”! Thats it’s real name. It was the most impressive in appearance… kinda scary (topped with a whole eel— eek!)… and rather fishy tasting. But, we did eat all but one piece (after some mutilating of course— taking off the bottom skin that seemed to be the “fishiest” and a real throw-you-off texture). It was actually longer than the picture shows bc we had both eaten at least a peice or two before thinking of taking a picture so then we tried to piece it back together.

I really did enjoy the other rolls alot. scrumptious. AND the miso soup— that stuff is so simple but I really really like it. And it was great to get to spend some time with Jeff bc we don’t get to a lot. Fun stuff!

eel skin- yuck. ooohhhh jeeffferrsonn

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Warhead Reigning Champion

12... beat that

Yep…. you are looking at the warhead reigning champion of object 9. And just how many warheads all at once does it take to claim the title??? Well, John held the title for about 4 years with a measly 10 warheads with no challengers (he took it from two previous title holders of only 4 & then 5 warheads…. weak). 4 years. And now- its mine. Yesterday. April 11,2011. 12:24 pm. 12 warheads at one time.

This baby now lives in a new spot--- taped to the cabinet at MY desk

The Dollar is the prize— and you write on it the date and the number of warheads consumed (all at one time — no water).

PS- i only suffered the repercussions for the afternoon. My stomach did hate me for a bit…. and my tongue was also a bit numb for quite a while…. and water tasted bad…. BUT everything was back to normal this morning — thankfully 😉 whew**

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muffins and more

So its been awhile — I know , I know, tisk tisk***. I’m sorry. For a couple weeks I was just kinda down, and its really hard for me to blog when I’m like that. Then after that, I’m not even gonna lie- its so much easier to completely veg-out and watch hulu at the end of a long day rather than blog. And if I start an episode while I eat dinner (yes- I know you aren’t supposed to do that) then its all over from there (nothing else productive will be happening that night). ANYWAY… I’m back!
This past weekend was Amplified Student Conference. It was really amazing. The speakers were great and so were the students and the
volunteers. All around great. I was handing out food at an “after-party” on Friday night when Amy asked if her and a few students could crash at my house this weekend since where they were going to stay was too crowded. YES! I would love that! And good thing it was Amy because I had to stay late and help clean up but she has a key. I was so excited to have girls staying at my house. Every year before this students have stayed in “host homes” for the whole weekend but this year it was too big so they just made it a regular conference. In fact, I remember when I was in high-school the spending the night and really connecting meant so much to me. In fact, weeks ago I asked Caroline and Amy if either of their connect groups’ girls would want to stay over during the conference… but they both ended up planning on all combining and staying at Shannon’s. So in the end it worked out perfect that I was Shannon’s overflow house at the last minute! … glad my apartment was semi clean 😉

The weekend flew by (along with a flat tire and a bridal shower thrown in there somewhere), but Sunday was kind of a breather. Everyone slept
late –—whew*— or I would have never been able to pull off breakfast. I made muffins (three types actually! – apple cinnamon, banana nut –
with chocolate on some, and blueberry- with extra blueberries… mmmmm). And we also had fruit and yogurt parfaits. It was pretty great that
everyone slept so late because I didn’t even get up early yet I had time to cook and get everything set up nice.

This is Taylor - my roommate!

I had everything set up and ready to go and Taylor came in and laughed at me and said “you’re so domestic”. Who me??? Nah! 😉

I only had one casualty of the morning- haha. Of course you knew there had to be something! I ran out of muffin pans so I baked the blueberry muffins in a loaf pan… so I guess more like a blueberry bread/cake loaf (but that doesn’t sound nearly as appealing!).  When I tried to dump it out of the pan… well actually, it came out of the glass just fine, then the dish slipped and fell on it! AHH hahaa. Oh man, have some smashed bread!…they were still really good though. At least there is ALWAYs something to laugh at when I cook.

Then we headed off to Sunday service, which one of the conferences guest speakers spoke at…. It was VERY good. I wanted to post the link, but its not up yet. Maybe check back later.

Love you guys

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Everyone loves Mom’s BANANA NUT BREAD!

Anytime you pull a recipe card out of your mom’s cookbook that looks like this; you know its gotta be good. I love the feeling of just good ol’ home-made cooking that this card embodies. The two different handwritings (one from my Aunt Gretchen, and one from my mom), and all of the stains show to was well used and well loved. A recipe card like this holds a character of its own.

I sought this recipe out the other night because we had some bananas that were rapidly “going to the other side”. Knowing how long this bread usually takes to cook, I got up early to cook it but decided to try something different. Instead of using loaf pans, like mom always did, I used an oversized muffin pan (more like a pop-over than cupcakes).

It worked so great! I cut the cook time from 1 HOUR (goodness that’s a long time for my short patience with cooking) to 25 minutes! But next time I will probably only bake for 20 minutes because although they weren’t burnt, they could be a little less dry on the edges. I seriously like the muffin size though- they are so cute and convenient. I’ve been taking one to work in the mornings. And Taylor (my roommate) has been eating them too! I told her it was really a compliment that she kept eating them day after day, because it’s one thing for me to eat my own cooking but when someone wants to, it makes a big difference.

See, I told you I actually could cook. Cheers and good morning!

PS- It was so easy- you should try it and tell me if you make improvements. On 3 of the muffins I sprinkled a few mini chocolate chips…mmmm. Need I say more?

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OOOOOOooooooooo crazy Baton Rouge. Everything seems to be closing down, except for my work! hmpf! EBRP schools, LSU, Southern, Southeastern, Ascension and Livingston schools, all state jobs, and even my gym…. and I’m still driving in it just fine. I think it’s so funny that all of Baton Rouge freaks out and comes to a stop, when the weather isn’t actually even really below freezing. I did, however, find my dashboard weather depiction amusing. I always have Baton Rouge, Tallahassee, and Wuhan open in my dashboard (on my computer) and when I clicked on it tonight I was somewhat shocked to see the forecast for BR reminded me of something you might see relating to a tundra or glacier…. Friday’s illustration looks kind of whimsical, but Thursday’s is actually rather disconcerting.

So if it really IS like this peculiar little illustration shows outside, maybe the schools do have a reason for closing… but then again…. why am I still going to work.

PS— I have seem nothing of this sort of icy-ness yet… but maybe its still coming!  Seriously though, I’m just glad I’m not in Chicago right now.

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The Evils of Video-Chat

Oh Kati…. This post is especially for you 😉

Be Careful...

Let me start off by saying that I am sometimes enamored with technology. I love the fact that I can feel like I’ve hung out with both Mandi, in China, and Kati, in Tallahassee all in one day. Long conversations I can actually see the persons face are so GREAT! It’s much better than a phone call, and makes the vast geographical distance between us feel small again.

All of that being said….

If one decides to bake potatoes and squash for dinner, but then also decides to take advantage of this great technology and video-chat, a timer should then be set. Whatever you do, do not think to yourself that you should just mention to your beloved cousin (whom you are chatting with) to remind you to check the oven at 8:00. First you will forget to mention to her that you need a reminder… and then you will forget you were cooking anything at all. You won’t remember until you get up from the computer two and a half  hours later and think to yourself with a sort of perplexity “Did my roommate come home? It smells like cooking food..?” and then all at once it will hit you that the smell that is now wafting through the house, up the stairs and has reached your bedroom is indeed YOUR food. And I think the picture tells pretty much the rest of what you might find at 10:30.

a sad day

Of course none of you would ever let yourselves get distracted so…. But don’t say I didn’t warn you when a perfectly good butternut squash falls victim. 😉

PS – Now my house smells absolutely lovely, as I’m sure you can imagine. And I think the only think that saved the squash from being like the onion (it’s the thing that looks like a big piece of charcoal in the top of the picture) is the inch of water that was in pan at one time.

PSS – Contrary to what my only two post might portray; I promise I am actually a pretty good cook.

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Friday Night Casualties: A Gory Tale

So this was definitely NOT what my first blog post was going to be about… but hey- a good story is always fun to tell, so here we go:

I got off work late and its Friday evening. I start off the night looking in the fridge at all the produce that is starting to go bad….. so I decided to start cooking it to buy myself some more time to eat it. First, I’ll just sauté these onions/mushrooms/bell peppers together and then I’ll have that to put on whatever the rest of the week. Lets get to chopping/slicing. As I was doing that I decided to start cooking a pot of lentils so I could have some soup. I’ve never cooked lentils before, but I had a rough recipe out of a cookbook Lori let me borrow. I started the lentils and tried to hurry up and cut up other produce to go in it. My leftover celery, carrots, etc (none of which the recipe called for — but who cares! This is my soup right?). As I’m chopping onion very quickly, I have the thought “I love this knife…. Its so sharp”

… dun dun duuuuunn….

The Once Beloved Knife

As you guessed…

Within the same second that I thought it, I find myself jumping up and down reaching for a napkin knowing that I don’t really want to look down at my thumb that is rapidly turning red… and that a bandaide won’t do this job  (knowing I had cut through some of my nail) Grabbing the napkin I hold my thumb thinking “I still have so much more to cut!… how in the world” … and “oowww!! Onion juice!” while the napkin proceeds to turn red. Alas, I get the napkin wrapped pretty well around my thumb and held on with a twist-tie… success … I can still chop and dice and slice…. “Onto the celery and then the carrots!” I was trying to cut the carrots thinner so they would cook faster and not be noticeably crunchy. Incase you didn’t know; it takes a lot more time to do it that way. It definitely takes a longer than I was liking, especially being a bit more hindered with a “down” thumb. So I grab the peeler! Oh what a great thing a peeler is! Now I’m rockin’…. I can get very thin slices and get it done so fast!! Yesssss…… this is so amazing! Until…

… dun dun duuuuunnn (yes- again)

The Unexpected Culprit

…peeled my knuckle!!! In one swift swoop I kelt a pain in one of my fingers that didn’t have to do with my swathed thumb. As I quickly look at my hand to survey the damage not believing that I’ve just injured myself again…and with a peeler no less!! Not even a knife!!- the nerve of some kitchen utensils…trying to upstage a knife! At first glance, I’m a bit confused… I feel the stinging but don’t see a the cut (looking for a “line”)….until quickly red patch starts to surface and then I realize— there’s no “cut” because I took out a chunk! And a fairly large one at that.  So I start grabbing for another paper towel! This one get help on with a rubber band (which I suppose is a step up from a twist-tie). Because it wasn’t as precise a cut, it stung a lot more. However… I pressed on! Shaking my head and laughing at myself for being such a mess while I tried to slice bell pepper with an almost incapacitated hand… I had to resort to other techniques and used a fork to hold stuff since I couldn’t get a good grip anymore and by the way it was going, I needed to keep my left hand away from ANY sharp object in my right hand.

The Aftermath

As I continued to cut… I notice the lyrics being sung in the background by Jason Upton; “…we’ll keep moving on…. may seem strange but we know its right… we’ll keep moving on!” haha…. Indeed! I’ll keep on, crippled fingers and all! I couldn’t help but laugh. Although I kept getting blood on stuff (I did my best to hold my hand away from any food 😉


Quite a night of cooking… later in the night I also squirted lemon juice directly in my eye! But you know what??? Soooooo worth it. It was. The soup came out great. (which, I wasn’t expecting because I was just throwing stuff in)… and so did my sautéed dish, and I also made a squash medley because all of those veggies were on the verge as well. So now I have all of this great food!

Voila! All it cost me was two fingers and an eye…. I guess that’s better than an arm and a leg.

Haha- I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist…You know you smiled too.

PS- my fingers are now cleaned and properly bandaged… no worries; I didn’t go to bed with soapy water soaked bloody paper towels on my hands.

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