Friday Night Casualties: A Gory Tale

January 23, 2011 at 8:15 pm 3 comments

So this was definitely NOT what my first blog post was going to be about… but hey- a good story is always fun to tell, so here we go:

I got off work late and its Friday evening. I start off the night looking in the fridge at all the produce that is starting to go bad….. so I decided to start cooking it to buy myself some more time to eat it. First, I’ll just sauté these onions/mushrooms/bell peppers together and then I’ll have that to put on whatever the rest of the week. Lets get to chopping/slicing. As I was doing that I decided to start cooking a pot of lentils so I could have some soup. I’ve never cooked lentils before, but I had a rough recipe out of a cookbook Lori let me borrow. I started the lentils and tried to hurry up and cut up other produce to go in it. My leftover celery, carrots, etc (none of which the recipe called for — but who cares! This is my soup right?). As I’m chopping onion very quickly, I have the thought “I love this knife…. Its so sharp”

… dun dun duuuuunn….

The Once Beloved Knife

As you guessed…

Within the same second that I thought it, I find myself jumping up and down reaching for a napkin knowing that I don’t really want to look down at my thumb that is rapidly turning red… and that a bandaide won’t do this job  (knowing I had cut through some of my nail) Grabbing the napkin I hold my thumb thinking “I still have so much more to cut!… how in the world” … and “oowww!! Onion juice!” while the napkin proceeds to turn red. Alas, I get the napkin wrapped pretty well around my thumb and held on with a twist-tie… success … I can still chop and dice and slice…. “Onto the celery and then the carrots!” I was trying to cut the carrots thinner so they would cook faster and not be noticeably crunchy. Incase you didn’t know; it takes a lot more time to do it that way. It definitely takes a longer than I was liking, especially being a bit more hindered with a “down” thumb. So I grab the peeler! Oh what a great thing a peeler is! Now I’m rockin’…. I can get very thin slices and get it done so fast!! Yesssss…… this is so amazing! Until…

… dun dun duuuuunnn (yes- again)

The Unexpected Culprit

…peeled my knuckle!!! In one swift swoop I kelt a pain in one of my fingers that didn’t have to do with my swathed thumb. As I quickly look at my hand to survey the damage not believing that I’ve just injured myself again…and with a peeler no less!! Not even a knife!!- the nerve of some kitchen utensils…trying to upstage a knife! At first glance, I’m a bit confused… I feel the stinging but don’t see a the cut (looking for a “line”)….until quickly red patch starts to surface and then I realize— there’s no “cut” because I took out a chunk! And a fairly large one at that.  So I start grabbing for another paper towel! This one get help on with a rubber band (which I suppose is a step up from a twist-tie). Because it wasn’t as precise a cut, it stung a lot more. However… I pressed on! Shaking my head and laughing at myself for being such a mess while I tried to slice bell pepper with an almost incapacitated hand… I had to resort to other techniques and used a fork to hold stuff since I couldn’t get a good grip anymore and by the way it was going, I needed to keep my left hand away from ANY sharp object in my right hand.

The Aftermath

As I continued to cut… I notice the lyrics being sung in the background by Jason Upton; “…we’ll keep moving on…. may seem strange but we know its right… we’ll keep moving on!” haha…. Indeed! I’ll keep on, crippled fingers and all! I couldn’t help but laugh. Although I kept getting blood on stuff (I did my best to hold my hand away from any food 😉


Quite a night of cooking… later in the night I also squirted lemon juice directly in my eye! But you know what??? Soooooo worth it. It was. The soup came out great. (which, I wasn’t expecting because I was just throwing stuff in)… and so did my sautéed dish, and I also made a squash medley because all of those veggies were on the verge as well. So now I have all of this great food!

Voila! All it cost me was two fingers and an eye…. I guess that’s better than an arm and a leg.

Haha- I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist…You know you smiled too.

PS- my fingers are now cleaned and properly bandaged… no worries; I didn’t go to bed with soapy water soaked bloody paper towels on my hands.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Alice  |  January 23, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    I’d have called for pizza after the first “oops”

  • 2. Kati Lady  |  January 26, 2011 at 11:50 am

    What a great intro to the blog! And… OUCH! HIlarious pic at the bottom. I hope after all of that work and sacrifice (literally), it really was worth it.

  • 3. G.  |  February 10, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    nice bandages.


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