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So its been awhile — I know , I know, tisk tisk***. I’m sorry. For a couple weeks I was just kinda down, and its really hard for me to blog when I’m like that. Then after that, I’m not even gonna lie- its so much easier to completely veg-out and watch hulu at the end of a long day rather than blog. And if I start an episode while I eat dinner (yes- I know you aren’t supposed to do that) then its all over from there (nothing else productive will be happening that night). ANYWAY… I’m back!
This past weekend was Amplified Student Conference. It was really amazing. The speakers were great and so were the students and the
volunteers. All around great. I was handing out food at an “after-party” on Friday night when Amy asked if her and a few students could crash at my house this weekend since where they were going to stay was too crowded. YES! I would love that! And good thing it was Amy because I had to stay late and help clean up but she has a key. I was so excited to have girls staying at my house. Every year before this students have stayed in “host homes” for the whole weekend but this year it was too big so they just made it a regular conference. In fact, I remember when I was in high-school the spending the night and really connecting meant so much to me. In fact, weeks ago I asked Caroline and Amy if either of their connect groups’ girls would want to stay over during the conference… but they both ended up planning on all combining and staying at Shannon’s. So in the end it worked out perfect that I was Shannon’s overflow house at the last minute! … glad my apartment was semi clean 😉

The weekend flew by (along with a flat tire and a bridal shower thrown in there somewhere), but Sunday was kind of a breather. Everyone slept
late –—whew*— or I would have never been able to pull off breakfast. I made muffins (three types actually! – apple cinnamon, banana nut –
with chocolate on some, and blueberry- with extra blueberries… mmmmm). And we also had fruit and yogurt parfaits. It was pretty great that
everyone slept so late because I didn’t even get up early yet I had time to cook and get everything set up nice.

This is Taylor - my roommate!

I had everything set up and ready to go and Taylor came in and laughed at me and said “you’re so domestic”. Who me??? Nah! 😉

I only had one casualty of the morning- haha. Of course you knew there had to be something! I ran out of muffin pans so I baked the blueberry muffins in a loaf pan… so I guess more like a blueberry bread/cake loaf (but that doesn’t sound nearly as appealing!).  When I tried to dump it out of the pan… well actually, it came out of the glass just fine, then the dish slipped and fell on it! AHH hahaa. Oh man, have some smashed bread!…they were still really good though. At least there is ALWAYs something to laugh at when I cook.

Then we headed off to Sunday service, which one of the conferences guest speakers spoke at…. It was VERY good. I wanted to post the link, but its not up yet. Maybe check back later.

Love you guys


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