SUSHI NIGHT – woot woot!

April 14, 2011 at 11:31 pm 5 comments

Haha. “woot woot”. I know, I know- you don’t even have to say it— maybe I was channeling Mandi 😉

But Jeff and I got to go eat some interesting sushi tonight — so a “woot woot” is definitely in accordance. I had a couple vouchers that were expiring today and so they had to be used. The plan was to use one at lunch with Amy and then the other tonight, but work was kinda lame today, and I was so slammed that I had to cancel on Amy only an hour or so before lunch (so now I just owe her one… something to look forward to next week indeed). After I cancelled with Amy, I tried to give one of the vouchers away and told Tina and Lori to go have a lunch on me… but that didn’t work on either. I was worried that the sushi place wouldn’t let me use both vouchers tonight (even if we did split the ticket). HOWEVER- they did! Our waitor was awesome. He was so nice…. and a bit quirky, which was great and amusing no less. He let us use both vouchers and didn’t even make us split the ticket. He was said “yeah you should use both of those! they are no good after today” and then when we ordered, he came back and told use that we needed to order one more thing because we were at 55 and our voucher (put together) was for 60. Jeff and I both heard $59… so we thought that was kinda funny that he seemed so concerned that we might lose a dollar- sweet. So I got a coke (I didn’t realize till later he said 55– oh well). So being that it was only Jeff and I we were able to get all specialty rolls! what?!! We were joking about how we usually try to stay under $15 with sushi… like get one special roll and edamame or a small roll…. and ALWAYS with water. But it was so neat being able to have all these specialty choices- what a treat!

It worked out so well. So we forgot to take pics at first…. but this is one of the rolls that came out last….

Check out the octopus tentacles for its "eyes"!

I just barely caught the dragon by its tail! 😉

“SuperDragon Roll”! Thats it’s real name. It was the most impressive in appearance… kinda scary (topped with a whole eel— eek!)… and rather fishy tasting. But, we did eat all but one piece (after some mutilating of course— taking off the bottom skin that seemed to be the “fishiest” and a real throw-you-off texture). It was actually longer than the picture shows bc we had both eaten at least a peice or two before thinking of taking a picture so then we tried to piece it back together.

I really did enjoy the other rolls alot. scrumptious. AND the miso soup— that stuff is so simple but I really really like it. And it was great to get to spend some time with Jeff bc we don’t get to a lot. Fun stuff!

eel skin- yuck. ooohhhh jeeffferrsonn


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  • 1. Kati  |  April 15, 2011 at 8:30 am

    WOW what a HUGE sushi roll! Did I ever tell you about Dave’s cousins and their miso soup experience?!?! SO HILARIOUS. JIK, Dave’s cousin Tim and his wife Robyn were in Hawii with some friends. One of those friends wante dot go to only hole-in-the-wall, local-eat-there places. One of those places was called Jim’s or something… They did serve great, simple, non-touristy Hawaiin food. But they had miso soup on the menu, and Robyn wanted to try it. So she ordered it, and LOVED it. But, there was something ridiculously familiar about the soup and the each tried to guess what it was. The waiter told them it was one of the most popular things on the menu, and when he came back, they asked him what it was. Here was his response:

    “Oh, you know, it’s those little dehydrated soups that come in the little packets. In the package along wwith the swirly dehydrated noodles.”

    “Are you talking about RAMEN NOODLE SOUP?!?!”

    “Yeah, that’s it! Everyone loves it.”

    BAHAHAHAH they paid something to the tune of 11$ for this 15 cent soup. And they didn’t even give them their noodles! Thought you would think that was funny .;-)

  • 2. Virginia  |  April 15, 2011 at 8:41 am

    OH MY GOODNESS…. 11 bucks for Ramen!! hahaha. whew— that is crazy! nice. well, there you go. mine did have tofu and seaweed in it AND… it was only like 2 bucks at least. hehe- ramen soup…. at least it was Hawaiian Ramen soup right?! 😉

  • 3. Mandi  |  April 23, 2011 at 9:53 am

    I never got to comment on this! So… sorry for arriving late 🙂 Thanks for the shout out! woot woot is right! Heck yes for Eel encased sushi rolls- I would have eaten that thing UP!!
    And BAHAHA! On Kati’s story ! Noodle-less ramen! And for 11 bucks hahaha! So funny that everyone loves it too.
    I heart you two btw ….

  • 4. Kati Hyer  |  November 9, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    Hmmm I love this blog post… But I’d like another, sir! Please! Maybe you could feature your latest addition to your cool vase collection. 😉

    • 5. Virginia  |  November 9, 2011 at 12:42 pm

      i know 😦
      my poor blog has been beyond neglected.
      mmmm cool vase collection (I think theres only one vase in that collection… and it was just added this past weekend). ha


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